Who is Cécile Marche?

Who is Cécile Marche?

Cécile Marche spent a joyful youth in the south of France (Ardèche).
At 18, she left the countryside to pursue her studies in Lyon as en electronics and signal processing engineer at CPE. She took her master’s in project management at ESCP along with a certification in Basics of Supply Chain Management (APICS). This brief CV does not do her justice.  
While her everyday trade was serious, Cécile, passionate about the arts, frequented auctions and art expos, all the while painting on the side for hobby and pleasure.
In 1993, she put a halt to a regular routine to embark on her world travels, where she took odd jobs to pay the way, freelancing for “le Guide du Routard” in South America, giving French lessons at a Vietnamese school or working as a Consulting engineer in an IT company located in the Indian Ocean …
Returning to France in 1996, she reclaimed her position as an engineer and joined the group L’Oréal as a project manager, when finally in 2003 she became consultant  for industrial performance, Proconseil, essentially heading projects.
With still more wanderlust, Cécile left for the United States in 2008.
There, she began to paint and sell her first canvases featuring the Pop Art concept inspired by story telling. Through her creation she told the stories of her clients, friends, advised amateurs, fans, or simply aesthetes.
Upon returning to a mother country and settling in Paris in 2011, she took off on the momentum she had built up in the US expanding on her concepts and continuing to telling the stories of a growing body of people, her mission all the while to capture the spirit of a life; each of her paintings reflects the soul of the person for whom it was made.  
LouiseM is her artist name. Why? because Louise is the first name, Cécile, her husband and oldest kids would have chosen if they had a daughter in 4th ou 5th position. M for Marche, her marital name.


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