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LouiseM creates personalised art that represents you. Her paintings reflect a timeline of your life so you can create your own distinctive space at home. Backsplash, hood panel for your kitchen, shower panel for your bathroom, printed door for your dressing room or office, each work is an art piece, unique and customised work, printed on a qualitative material.

A visual that represents you

All the creations in my collections portfolio are unique. Most of them are paintings on canvas created by LouiseM in her workshop in Meudon.

We offer you three options :

Choose a creation in our collections

You like one of our creations? We put it at the right size to make your decorative panel.

Customise a creation

You want to add a personal touch to one of our creations? Then, send us the elements : names, dates, pictures, drawings  to integrate to the creation to make it unique.

Make your own creation

You want us to create your own design from scratch? In that case we need to talk to you to understand exactly what you want in terms of syle and content. We will find our inspiration in your story and render it into a visual.

Our 8 collections

“Bubble Gum” collection

A collection composed of naive shapes in Pop Art colors

“Graffiti” collection

A collection where street art comes into your kitchen

“Faune & Flore” collection

A collection that immerses you into a natural civilization

“Motifs” collection

A collection that declines words and patterns according to your desires

“Structures” collection

A collection that combines geometric designs and curves 

“Black & White” collection

A collection that highlights the industrial side of iconic big cities

“Numeric” collection

A collection that surprises you with a graphic and futuristic style

“Monochrome” collection

A sober collection with an abstract and customisable pattern

Our materials

LouiseM payed special attention to the choice of top range materials for a high quality finish. These three materials have been selected because of their technic specificities as far as their qualitative preserved-color aspect.

Aluminium composite or Dibond® 3mm

Aluminum composite is made up of composite materials (assembly of at least two components whose properties complement each other).

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It is perfectly waterproof and remains insensitive to corrosion.

Aluminum composite is a material that is often found in design and decoration. It is used by photographers for fine art prints and to display their photos as well as in signage and sign making.
This material is very easy to use. It is light, cleans and cuts very easily. Its great flatness of its surface makes it an excellent printing medium.
It preserves the colors which allows our visuals to retain all their brilliance.
Its rendering, soft to the touch, offers a modern and refined finish.
We offer it in two versions, mat varnish and gloss varnish. Finally, it offers two specifications: white alu-composite and alu-composite.

Tempered glass extra white 6mm

Tempered glass is glass treated by a process called “tempering” to improve its mechanical properties.

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The tempered material is ultra-resistant (5 times more resistant than conventional glass) and withstands strong temperature variations and high temperatures up to 500 ° C. Extra white, it offers very high transparency and will give depth to the visuals.
It is a material, essentially dedicated to design and decoration. The extra-white tempered glass will thus give a crystalline shine and depth to our visuals. It allows a finished appearance of very high quality.
This material also offers great resistance, therefore it is used in the design of guardrails, awnings and awnings.
It is only before quenching that the machining and final sizing is done.

Microstructured adhesive

Microstructured polymeric vinyl is an adhesive that can be applied to exterior and interior surfaces.

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It has many advantages such as its repositionable solvent adhesive during installation, guaranteeing easy implementation.
Many finishes are possible: glossy white, matt white and glossy transparent as well as an anti-UV lamination to prevent the colors from fading,
Microstructured polymeric vinyl can be applied to clean, degreased flat surfaces.
In addition, the four-color printing gives this adhesive a perfect visual quality and for a long time. Finally, this material offers appreciable ease of maintenance.

Practical information

Manufacturing and printing

We are very vigilant in choosing our  suppliers so that they meet our technical and artistic requirements. We have several years of joint projects with them and continue to work together, always with the same spirit of work well done and respect for the customer.

Packing and transport

The products are packaged by professionals with specific and tailor-made packaging. We make sure that each packaging meets a very precise specification depending on the material.
For aluminum composite, a sharp material, the corners will be reinforced.
The glass panels will be delivered in wooden crates by private transport.

Shipping and leadtime

Once we agree on the visual to print, we send it to the supplier and we confirm the delivery time to you. We are generally on a 2 week lead time for all materials except tempered glass. For tempered glass, the lead time is minimum 4 weeks.
When placing your order, we will send you all delivery information by e-mail.


Each of the three materials is very easy to clean with a sponge or cloth with window cleaning products. Do not use aggressive products such as steel wool or highly alkaline products (acetone, etc.)

Cutting and Laying

The decorative panels in aluminum and glass composite are easily installed on any type of support (tiles, brick, plaster, etc.). Imperfections in the wall can compensate for the thickness of the silicone.
However, for the adhesive, we recommend a perfectly flat wall.
The aluminum or didond® composite can be cut as easily as wood with the jigsaw or the hole saw (for the grip notches) which allows all last minute adjustments.
Tempered glass cannot be cut. All special cuts are possible from a template made beforehand.
We recommend 2 types of installation:
Or Bonding with transparent silicone glue (used in construction and available in DIY stores) for the aluminum composite. First, remove the protective film located on the back of the panel.
For the glass, we will use mirror glue also available in DIY stores.
Make sure the surface that will accommodate the panel is clean for better support!
Either screwing. In these cases it is suitable for glass panels to order a panel with drilling in the corners. For an aluminum composite panel placed on a support (example of the splashback on the worktop), you can also start on a support with double-sided velcro tape (picture hanger type). However, a silicone seal will be necessary when standing behind a sink.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a decorative panel LouiseM ?

We are no different in the choice of materials and technical guarantees, we work with suppliers of major kitchen designers and interior designers with regard to supports and prints. Our difference is in the treatment of the personalized visual. This is our priority and we are listening to you until you fully appropriate the visual. LouiseM is a painter and will intervene on the canvas to make your work unique. Note that all the decorations in our collection are from the canvases painted by LouiseM. Even the simplest decoration, the “mist” creation for example, is unique since the relief filter that will give it depth is created to measure each time.

How to order ?

Either through your interior designer. Many of them work with us, ask your interior designer to contact us, he certainly knows us. Either directly by e-mail, WhatsApp or tel. We are proud of our close relationship with our customers and we will be happy to receive and answer your questions

How long does a project last?

As soon as you agree on the visual we will send you an approval. This step takes on average a week, a day for a simple job. From this signing, it takes 10 working days to receive the product in aluminum composite and adhesive, 20 working days for tempered glass.

Can I send pictures for a backsplash design ?

Of course. Our job is to make the visual you like. Each of our backsplashs is unique. If you wish, send us 10 photos of your family or your travels, we will integrate them into a visual and make the changes under your control until you are satisfied with the result. You can take inspiration from our collection to choose the final style, black and white, sepia, graffiti …

How to choose the material for my backsplash?

For bachsplashes, we work with 2 very qualitative and ultra resistant materials, aluminum composite and 6mm extra white tempered glass. These 2 materials retain the colors and give the desired shine to your interior.
They offer great resistance over time. The glass is durable and the aluminum composite is covered with a very resistant lamination (varnish), mat or shiny according to your tastes.

They are easy to install and clean easily with a soft sponge and enough hot water, no harsh or abrasive products.
If you have wall outlets, the aluminum composite panel can be cut during installation with a hole saw. Likewise, the size can be adjusted with a jigsaw. Tempered glass cannot be re-cut, dimensions and socket cutouts must be decided at time of order.
If you have a gas plate, we invite you to favor the tempered glass support which is resistant to high temperatures 500 ° C and to temperature variations. The aluminum composite will withstand temperature variations of up to 180 ° C.

What to choose between composite aluminium and tempered glass for my backsplash?

The 2 materials are both resistant and qualitative.

The choice will be aesthetic depending on the style you want to give to your interior or practical depending on the constraints of the destination.

For kitchen backsplashes and behind a gas hob, the choice will be more on glass which withstands higher temperatures.
In the same way, glass will be preferred for light games with the installation of LEDs behind wall panels.

Aluminum composite is lighter and therefore more easily transportable. It is very easy to cut and can therefore be jigged on site at the time of installation unlike glass which requires a precise jig upstream before the tempering process.

How to clean my decorative panel?

Very easy.
The wall panel will be cleaned with a sponge / tea towel / cloth and usual household products (window washer, washing up liquid).

Can I put my panel on my own?

The aluminum composite wall panel can be cut very easily with a hole saw (cutting out sockets) or jigsaw (borders) and sticks like tiles. It can be stuck on any existing support (old tiled wall / faience / brick / wall panel) as long as it is generally straight. The glue used is standard tile glue that you will find in DIY stores. It is recommended to distribute the glue evenly over the surface by making large zigzags, avoid “big bundles”. If the panel is placed above a sink, it is recommended to add a seal of transparent silicone glue on the lower part (worktop).

The tempered glass wall panel cannot be cut, the socket cutouts are made at the factory, hence the importance of very precise jig taking. For this exercise and in the case of a panel with multiple cutouts, we advise the non-handyman to call in a professional. Tempered glass can be glued with mirror glue on a flat surface but also on tiling, the differences in levels being able to be compensated by the glue at a height of 1cm.

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