A touch of color in your neighborhood!
“Croix-Rousse” was specially designed for a local resident. In the center, LouiseM painted the boarders of the river Saône with the slopes of Croix-Rousse and all around, as a frame, references to the place. This back splash is very popular among “Croix rousse” residents, expatriates or not.
Like each of the panels, “Croix-Rousse” can be personalized in terms of text and colors, according to your inspiration.
The “black and white” version can be superimposed on a colored wall; it gives a real industrial look to your interior.

Our favorite variations

noir et blanc



Our recommendation

“Croix-Rousse” has a landscape picture size and fits perfectly under a hood or on a vertical wall of studettes. The artwork will highlight sober and inexpensive small kitchens for “Croix-Rousse” lovers.

Create an effect whatever your budget

Our custom made concept allows you to create a desired artwork at a defined price.


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