Colorful items

Sculptures, installations, tables, pillars, murals, everything is customisable. It’s all about imagination.
LouiseM creates the design. This design is then transferred on a support.

Let’s make your items unique!

Customised piano

Annette is from New Zealand and wanted to see the story of her life on her piano showing in the bright blue tones that she particularly likes.
After discussions, we decide to display the timeline of her life on the edge of the painting showing the major events that have featured her life; And on top of the piano, a Chinese portrait painted by her loved ones inputs.

customised eiffel tower

Julie, deeply Parisian, has lived in the United States for more than 15 years.
For her 50th birthday’s celebration that he organized in Paris, her husband wished to offer her a gift that represents Paris.
What else could be better than a personalized Eiffel Tower where Julie can discover on it all her life, a life where she traveled the world since she was a child.
Exceptional moment of emotion when the gift got unveiled 🙂

Create an impression  no matter your budget is

Our custom made concept allows you to create a desired artwork that fits your wallet


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