Let your inspiration create emotion with a totally customised artwork

Embark on an adventure with LouiseM…
A lightweight adventure that allows for you to leave your baggage behind. A trip that entails only a recitation of your life’s most cherished and poignant moments.
On this journey, LouiseM artistically arranges all itinerary touch by touch, reaching after several weeks your enchanted destination: the place where your memories color your story, a visual emotion and your life on a canvas, a painting … your painting.

Your artwork step by step

Which size?

All sizes are possible, from a small format (40x50cm) to a large one (200X150cm), in square, portrait or landscape version.
The size of your artwork is defined according to its location and the multiplicity of ideas and elements you want to integrate.

Artisanal, digital?

The artistic customisation of your painting can take two faces.
Two techniques are available to you, one focused exclusively on drawing and painting, the second which  juxtaposes drawing and painting, a digital dimension with photography.


How to customise ?

Let’s start with an exchange to understand, structure and color your story. Depending on the occasion and your expectations, you can send us your photos, words, places, moments of life that allow us to give a soul to your “story”, to bring it to life and thus highlight what is important to you. .

Imagine all you can do!

You therefore have the possibility of creating a unique “handmade” work to be able to provoke emotion on any occasion …
Anniversaries, weddings, farewell gifts, housewarming, thanks … No limits!

Mother's day gift

Kids ‘s words on cartoons – 50x40cm

Danielle 70

Story of life – 210x150cm

family travel in cambodia

Colorfulled adventure – 120x80cm

Frequently asked questions

How is a project going?

First, it is important to know the final destination of your painting. This will help us to define its dimensions, its orientation and also the desired style according to your tastes and the decoration of the room.

Then, we build the brief by asking you a whole series of questions. If, for example, you want to tell about your family’s travels in Asia, we will ask you questions on this theme and together we will create a work full of meaning.

Our only goal is that you like the result and that you find yourself in the web.

How long for an artwork?

This depends on the time needed to collect all the personal information that will be used to create the work. Then LouiseM will imagine how to put them on the canvas and will make a sketch. Once this sketch is validated, it takes between a week and a month to have the painting in its final form depending on whether you opt for a version exclusively in painting or more digital.

What is the price for an artwork

The price varies according to 3 criteria: the format, the degree of personalization and the method used by LouiseM to transcribe your story. LouiseM will give you a quote after a brief discussion with you. For smaller budgets, it is better to go for more digital versions.
To give you an idea, the average price is 1000 € and it varies between 500 € and 3000 €

Do you have a specific style?

We work in several universes.

Each table will be created according to the customer’s request and the look they want. Our paintings can be very colorful in a style we call “Bubble gum”. We can also work on a particular color, such as blue or black and white in a more graphic style.

The choice is up to the customer, we do what they ask.

One of the first questions we ask the client is: “Which of all our paintings do you like and also what you like less?” his response is quick since in general he has been challenged by one or more paintings and that is why he came to us. We quickly understand what will please.

Is the painting necessarily available on canvas?

The majority of paintings are created on canvas on stretcher. We also offer very frequently and especially for large sizes, aluminum composite boards. This last very qualitative material gives a very modern rendering to the visual. It is lightweight, retains colors and is long lasting with an anti-UV finish.
We work with other materials such as tempered glass or vinyl, for very specific decorative applications, kitchen splashbacks, wall panels. You will find all the information you need on these materials in the decorations section.

Can you make an artwork as a common gift?

Of course, this is often what we are asked for: farewell, birthday, birth, wedding …

Two ways of proceeding: Either we have a privileged interlocutor who will centralize all the information of the group and we will create the pitch together. Either we take all the interlocutors live via a WhatsApp group or a private facebook group and each brings personal information. In this second case, it is necessary for us to start the painting with a particular person; We will create the group once the table is already well advanced and all that remains is to complete it with pictures of each.

Create an impression no matter what your budget is

Our custom made concept allow you to create an artwork that fits your wallet


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