Cushion cover

Pillows are printed, hand stitched and embroidered in Singapore. Fabric is made of coarse and raw woven cotton dyed with ecofriendly inks with no solvants.
The finest natural materials combined with detailed, hand-painted patterns create a truly luxurious collection and bring to your interior an elegant and unique touch.


Toucan scenary design for Palem
50x50cm – SGD69

Quetzal scenary design for Palem
50x50cm – SGD69

Lion Maori
50x50cm – SGD69

Tiger Maori
50x50cm – SGD69

Monkey Maori
50x50cm – SGD69

Singapore with Love
65x40cm – SGD78

Paris with Love
65x40cm – SGD78

65x40cm – SGD78

Tropical Forest
65x40cm – SGD78

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