The art of bringing together and engaging for the long term


A custom made service !

Because the link in a company is fundamental and any collaborative achievement is unifying, LouiseM puts her art at the service of employees and teams by organising and animating artistic co-creation events following 3 objectives:

First, LouiseM can support the company’s identity in a context of transformation (restructuring, merger or new governance) through the collaborative artworks.

Also, LouiseM helps to give a sense of meaning to an event (anniversary, inauguration, results, move, farewell)

Then, LouiseM, offers a unique artistic creation experience, reflecting the commitment of a Company at the service of its employees and teams to re-establish and strengthen ties between them in order to federate co-workers and rebuild team-spirit.


A customised approach according to your objectives!

Support the company's identity

Contexte : Restructuration, fusion, new gouvernance.

Preparation :

  • brief with the management team, proposal for a specific mission
  • individual interviews or workshops 

Co-construction :  Fears and hopes expressions, new organisation visualisation

Construction : A collaborative artwork 

Give a sense of meaning and purpose to a corporate's life event

Context : Anniversary, inauguration, results, move

Preparation :

  • Brief with the management team, proposal for a specific mission
  • Individual interviews or workshops

Co-construction : Symbolic variations of the event around the values of the company.

Construction : A collaborative artwork

Re-establish and strengthen ties between employees

Context : Distension of team spirit

Preparation :

  • brief with management team proposal for a specific mission
  • Individual interviews or workshops

Co-construction : Expression of dysfunctions and projections of improvements to be made.

Construction : A collaborative work of awareness raising.

A simple and efficient process


Support the Company’s identity

Give a sense of meaning
to a corporate’s life event

Re-establish and strengthen ties between employees


Transformation: Restructuring, merge, new governance

A company event: anniversary, inauguration, move

Distention of the team spirit


Brief with the management team, proposal for a specific support

Individual interviews or workshops


Expression of fears and hopes, visualization of the new organization

Symbolic variations of the event around the values of the company

Expression of dysfunctions and projections of improvements to be made


A collaborative work demonstrating support for transformation

A collaborative work celebrating the event

A collaborative work raising awareness

Our collaborative artworks

The artworks presented here have all been created for companies, small or large, all sectors of activity combined. Like an artist-consultant, LouiseM uses her dual expertise to support collaborative projects, always keeping the same focus: bringing together and creating links between employees.

Commerzbank project

Thank the employees of Commerzbank for the good year that has passed. Seminar in Marseille and table made for the occasion “to keep track of the good times”.

Korum project

Decorate the staircase climb with a huge painting that will tell about the work of the employees and the qualities they must display on a daily basis, listening, sense of the customer …

Qualitel project

Bring color in a very classic and very sober interior. Decorate the premises of the presidency with a meaningful artwork, which tells Qualitel, in particular the main meeting room which receives important clients and partners.

Air Liquide project

Celebrate the retirement of Pierre D., the group’s big boss, during a 3-day seminar with all of the Executive Committee and country directors. Construction of the painting during the seminar with each employee: which image can best illustrate the working relationship you had with Pierre D., an anecdote, a note, a date, an image Handing over of the painting during the gala evening

Skadden project

Mark the firm’s 15 years of support for one of their best client. The painting recounts these 15 years, the action plans, ratings, redemptions … Presentation of the canvas and trophies during a working meeting

Triballat Noyal project

Build a collective work with the maintenance teams in order to support them in a major transformation project of the Company. To succeed in this managerial transformation, we must work well together. The objective of team building is therefore to strengthen the internal collaboration of the service and also with cross-functional functions. The collective work of art takes on meaning over the 4 days of the seminar and is unveiled at a launch party.

amgen project

Create an event at the Amgen booth at the SFH congress to mark the launch of a myeloma inhibitor. Vernissage of a painting that tells the daily life of the sick. Speech that brings together patients, carers and the medical profession. This painting has become an educational tool for the patient association and is on a traveling exhibition in several hospitals in France. It expresses the patient’s feelings so much that he becomes a liberator of speech

bard project

Mark the change of function to Yvan T, boss of Europe who leaves for the US following the merger of BARD with BD. As part of the new organization, Ses n-1 wish to offer him a painting that tells the story of the 5 years spent together at BARD Europe. Series of interviews with employees and Presentation of the canvas during the Awards ceremony

Geodis project

Create a meaningful collective work on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the group’s biggest agency. The significant events during these 10 years and the values will be represented on the final work composed of 10 paintings and installed in the reception hall of the agency.

Tungstene project

Take advantage of the 20 years of the company to put in images its DNA, its thinking heads and the values that drive them. A large, horizontal painting, perfect for living in the new space.

Frequently asked questions

Do you draw in real time?

No, I don’t know how to do it. My approach is not at all that of the designer who will capture the present moments. We don’t do the same. I make a work of meaning and for there to be meaning, the work has to be built over time, that there has been “maturation”, that the treatment of the subject be as objective as possible, that there are many moments of sharing with different and varied contributors.

Do you make team building?

From the moment I unite the employees around a table, yes I do team building. That doesn’t mean that I always work with groups of employees. In some projects, I have had to build a work without leading working groups but listening to collaborators during targeted interviews. You can go see different films that tell about the construction of paintings and you will see that each case is unique and approached in a totally different way.

When it comes to doing a collective work, how big are the test groups?

It’s difficult to work with groups larger than 20 people. The creative process frees the spirits. We are so far from Cartesian diagrams that we will easily express our feelings. For that, you have to be comfortable, in a small group, in confidence.

Why a collective artwork?

It is a collective artwork or not, it all depends on the need. I don’t paint in real time, it’s a project that takes time. The painting will gradually build up, that’s my strength. Everything has a visual meaning and the work is durable over time. The work carries messages, it can be used to communicate (greeting card, etc.) and can easily be used in useful objects (diary, candles) or decoration (trophies)

What business context is most conducive to your work?

All contexts, from the moment there is a need to unite employees. It can be a context of rupture (merger of companies, takeover of a brand, relocation of premises) or the moment to celebrate an event (company anniversary, inauguration of the research center, retirement of ‘an employee) or simply want to unite the teams, to give a boost!

Create an impression no matter your budget is

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